Pure gases

Chroma Gas, as a world-leading gas and engineering company, provides a complete line of pure and chemical gases to meet the daily needs of businesses around the globe.

Both pure gasses are graded by rank, so you can be certain of their purity levels. The classification’s first digit shows the number of purity nines (e.g. 3.0= 99.9% purity). The second digit is the number following the last nine (e.g. 4.6 helium has a guaranteed minimum purity of 99.996% and a corresponding maximum impurity level of 0.004% or 40 ppm).

  •  Rare gases, such as Neon, Krypton and Xenon, are shipped in a range of bottle boxes and sizes. Deuterium and other isotopic substances may be accessed on demand
  • Hydrocarbon products, including ethane, Methane, natural gas, propane and other products are available in a variety of pure grades and package sizes to satisfy all specifications.
  • Toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and sulphur dioxide can be supplied to meet requirements ranging from small tube to large containers or trailers.

Gas Mixtures

Gas solution is unique to the needs of the industry. Typical examples include multicomponent hydrocarbon blends for use in the petrochemical industry, plant and oil gas mixtures for use in process laboratories and certified environmental monitoring mixtures.

The mixture recipe was written by a technical expert from Chroma Gas, who meets stringent quality and safety standards to provide you with the correct gas solution for each specific purpose. We can use gravimetric and volumetric filling methods, loading by weight and pressure, respectively, and we can determine analytical results based on your particular specifications with strict analytical tolerances or uncertainty values.



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