Business sector

We supply customers across an extensive an extensive range of industries and markets:

  • Petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and pulp & paper
    **Petrochemical gas products and equipment, with gas mixtures certified to national standards, where required for traceability of results.
  • Automotive engine testing, manufacturing and servicing
    **Automotive products, including exhaust emissions testing gas and other gases designed to test and improve engine efficiency
  • Engineering and construction
    **BASELINE® and REDLINE® specialty gases equipment combined to ensure you have a choice of the right gas equipment for your application
  • Research and testing laboratories
    **Environmental gas products, certified to national, and international standards where required
  • Water and power utilities
    **Pure gases, including Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen, ranging from process grades to higher that n6.0 purity
  • Environmental and public health air quality monitoring
    **Food packaging products designed to maintain hygiene standards in food preservation business (gas products and suitable equipment)
  • Mining, mineral extraction and metal processing
  • Life sciences and medical



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