Taking accuracy to the next level

Our market-leading production sites in Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Thailand are delivering performance rates that set a new reliability benchmark. Such laboratories are certified as a Calibration Laboratory and as a Reference Content Provider for ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34. So if you order a Chroma Gas calibration model, you can be certain that your brand will benefit from it:

  • A high fill accuracy
  • An accurately assessed and reported stability
  • Certification to ISO standards
  • Comprehensive data recording
  • Rigorous processes to ensure repeatability


Certification methods

Chroma Gas company best practice recommendations for awarding a qualified quality to a gas mixture through two main ways. The first is the weight of the gases packed into the tube through precise calculation. The second is to examine the contents by extracting the material for post-fill examination from the tank.

Certification by weight: also referred to as gravimetric certification, this can have low loading tolerances and high certification, this modern mass comparator used by Chroma Gas has a resolution of 0.002 g in 30000 g. For this reason, it can be said that mixtures filled in this way give + /-0.5 accuracy.

For gravimetrically formulated mixtures, this filling sensitivity is often referred to as certificate accuracy.

Test certification: It includes measuring the gas from a sample and comparing the results of the test to an established fuel level on the same unit. The degree of quantitative precision determines the value of the selling item.


Analytical & fill tolerance

This brief explanation of terms used by Chroma Gas and our customers may be helpful to you:

  • Accuracy is the degree of conformity of measured or calculated value from its actual or specified value.
  • Tolerance is the permissible range of variation of some characteristics from its normal value. It is governed by what is practically achievable within the constraints imposed by people and machines.
  • Measurement uncertainty is the property of the result of a measurement that characterizes the spread of the values that could reasonably be attributed to the result (the sum of all errors inherent within the measurement process).
  • Gas mixture certificate results: Chroma Gas generally quotes relative accuracy on a certified result, meaning the proportion of the error to the whole. The alternative is to quote absolute accuracy where the quantity of the error is quoted. If absolute accuracy is used this will be clearly stated.



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